We have several package options to choose from that are guaranteed to make your next golf event a memorable one! Your players will be talking about this one all day long! It is completely safe, fun and an experience that all ages can participate in.

AR-15 Golf Ball Launchers

Mulligans, longest drive, putting contests, Hole In One for a car? Yeah, you’ve been there and done that! Forget paying a long drive champion thousands of dollars to hit a long drive for a few players, for a fraction of the cost give every player a chance to launch their own 400+ yard shot!


I have recently purchased an AiR 14 Cannon that is virtually silent. It is not the same experience as the AR-15 but can still reach up to 225 yards. I can also adjust it to reach down to a short par 3 if needed. To add a new twist with the AiR-14 I am adding a new game Extreme Pong. With this version I would set up 5 or more empty “Beer Tubs” on the green of a par 3. If any players land in one of the tubs, they score an ACE. If they land on the green, they will putt as normal. This is Brand new challenge that can only be used with the Air Cannon.


NEW for 2019 == Hole In One insurance Prize for the Air Cannon
We can now offer a special insurance package for events wanting to add a $10,000 or $25,000 prize for a hole in one with our AiR-14 Cannon. Call for special pricing based on the estimated number of players registered.




Sportsman’s Challenge
This one sets up on a par 4 or short par 5 under 450 yards. 4 players launch tee shots from the AR-15, where the best shot lands 2 players cast a golf ball from a fishing pole toward the green and the other 2 players putt from where the best one lands.



Bunkers and Lunkers

Smash for Cash

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